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We make our money through the World Wide Web, let us help you do the same.

Complete Solutions

We offer our clients complete solutions to ensure their online success.

Team Players

Our team works cohesively, proactively and diligently to reach your goals.

Our Promise

We are committed, transparent and dedicated to our customers.


  • complete solutions

    While building websites, 10 Pound Gorilla considers design, messaging, content-flow, function & marketing.

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  • design

    Design should emphasize your key messages, not distract from them.

    10 Pound Gorilla will help you maintain your brand, while highlighting your content.

  • message

    79% of web users scan a new page, while only 16% will read it word-by-word.

    10 Pound Gorilla will help you prioritize your key messages to immediately impact all your visitors.

  • content

    Once your key messages are defined, we'll help craft your content

    10 Pound Gorilla will help your content reach all of your users, not just those 16% that read word-for-word.

  • function

    A website should be more than what meets the eye.

    10 Pound Gorilla will help you realize how your website can work for you to automate and/or mainstream your business processes.

  • market

    If you build it, they will come...
    Does not apply to websites.

    10 Pound Gorilla will help you get your message found, discovered and shared.

Team Players

Our Team

Our team works collectively to accomplish the best results for your project. Depending upon your needs, you may work with 2 or up too all 9 of us.

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Our Clients

10 Pound Gorilla has clients in 40 states and 10 countries. We work collectively with businesses small and large in various industries around the world.

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  • referral

    10 Pound Gorilla is built on client referrals. Without these referrals we would not have experienced such huge growth in the last few years. We believe the following attributes are why we continue to succeed.

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  • honest & ethical

    We Treat People
    How We Want to Be Treated

    We strive to ensure our clients understand our process, price, and product.

    10 Pound Gorilla will guide you through the web, explain your options and ensure you are happy with your investment. We are transparent, honest and extremely good at what we do.

  • no suprises

    We Set & Follow Expectations

    You will receive a Statement of Work outlining deliverables and costs

    We understand that unknown needs may arise. If they are above and beyond the statement of work , we will set-up a meeting, discuss and adjust. You will always approve work before it is completed or billed.

  • stay on track

    Communication & Teamwork

    Requirements, responsibilities & timelines are clearly defined so we can stay on track.

    10 Pound Gorilla works closely with our customers and prefers your input during the entire process. Good communication and effective team work allow us to ensure a timely and quality solution.

  • quality solutions

    Quality from Start to Finish

    We consider everything. Design, message, content, function, market and budget.

    Our knowledge of internet marketing, SEO, social media and user behavior allows us to maximize your online impact. We will recommend how to allocate your budget to ensure you get the most bang for your buck.

  • small & powerful

    Fast, Effective & Efficient

    Our entire team is familiar with your project & takes a personal interest in your success.

    Our business model is to stay small but grow strong. We hire the best and expect the best. You work and communicate directly with the people creating your solution. We believe direct contact & connections produce the best results.